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So what do you have planned for this weekend?

Thursday, April 29th, 2010

A suggestion?  Clean out your basement.

Basements are not the norm in many parts of the country, but nearly every home in this area has one.

Most families stash their outgrown toys, unwanted cookware, shabby (but not chic) furniture and other cast offs ”too good” to make it to the trash.

messy basement

It only takes a few hours to bring up those items you will never use again and reorganize or reuse the things you may have forgotten are even down there.

Then what?

The Military Order of the Purple Heart will pick up your unwanted goods and resell them.

purple heart

Purple Heart is a national organization composed entirely of combat wounded veterans who have been awarded the Purple Heart Medal.

They provide direct service and emergency assistance to veterans in VA and military hospitals, including assistance to their dependents and survivors.

Purple Heart will pick up nearly any kind of household good, including: games, toys, sporting goods, linens, blankets, shoes, and clothing jewelry,

tools, TVs, radios, records, dishes, cooking utensils, draperies, and collectables and knick knacks.

Your donation may even be tax deductable.

For a complete list of what the organization accepts or to schedule a pickup,

call them at 1-800-827-1000 or visit their website at

Getting the lower level of your home straightened up and swept clean will give you a terrific sense of accomplishment and help many people in need.

And once you see that great expanse of now-usable space, you may want to consider finishing a portion into a great space for the whole family to enjoy.


Nolen Companies can finish your basement and expand your home’s facilities for family fun.

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