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Spring is here! It’s time to schedule a walkthrough with Nolen Concierge Service

Wednesday, April 18th, 2012

It’s time to think about giving your home a check-up along with it’s annual spring cleaning.Entrance sign 3975
Adding these home maintenance tips to your routine can help your house operate more efficiently.
1) Check your Heating/Air Conditioning System: It’s a good time to give your air conditioning system a tune-up. To help lower your energy bills, do this every year to ensure the system is running at maximum efficiency. Inspect your system’s condensate drain line, it can become clogged with sediment, and it may need to be cleaned out. Don’t forget to change/clean your air filter.

2) Roofs and Gutters: Clean out the leaves and other debris that may have collected in them. Also, make sure that downspouts are directed away from the house’s foundation.

3) Check your window and stair well drains to make sure they are clear of any debris.

4) Check your hot water heater for water leakage or rust.

5) Power wash your patio or deck.

6) Inspect trees for broken branches.

7) Check your sump pump. The average lifetime of a sump pump ranges from 5-7 years. You may want to think of installing a new pump as a preventative measure.

8) Change the batteries in your smoke detectors.

9) Turn off the humidifier once your start using your air conditioning.

10) Check and adjust light timers for the longer daylight.

11) Check and tighten sink drains.

This list is only a start to get you thinking of what you should do to keep your home in optimum condition. Are you wondering who to call for any of these items?

Nolen Companies offers a Concierge Service to acccomplish all of these items and more!

Call today to schedule a walkthrough of your home.


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